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💖🎬The Offers and Entertainment Team 2022🎬💖 ✅We have💃 ( hip hop robot poping afrodance...)🕺 team dance . ✅And the theater team🎭🎬 ✅ DJ 💽 ✅ singer🎤🎶 ✅ some acrobatics🤸🏻 ✅ dance coaches and sports 🤾🏻🏊 ✅ and entertainment with children🤩💗 and we love 😍 to entertain the public👏 if we are one of the people✌🏻 required to work😎, we are honored to work with you🥰. WhatsApp Phone Number: +212606661079 Gmail : If you need a dance team we need a business manager we have a great team😎💖

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