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Dancers Entertainer – 1 Sound Engineer & Kids Entertainers

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1000€ per month
Application ends: March 1, 2023
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    1000€ per month
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    EU Passport holder, visa or any document that allows to work in Europe.
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    1 Year
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    Sport, Dance, Animators, Choreografer, Entertainment, Singer, Others
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    Sport Jobs, Musician, Dancer, Entertainment, Others

Job Description

Dancers Entertainer – 1 Sound Engineer & Kids Entertainers wanted on Cyprus


Dancers Entertainers 


Ability to sing, dance and act is a must!

Daytime duties consist mainly of running pool based activities such as water volleyball, water polo, etc. due to the fine weather we have in Cyprus. But we also have table tennis, darts and archery, etc. spread throughout the weekly program.

The shifts are 8hrs per day, split into morning (first activity starting @10:00am – last @12:00pm) and afternoons (first activity starting @2pm – last @4pm) alternately, and coming in at night for the shows (around 7:30pm).

These may seem short for the full day, but we allow time for rehearsals/respacing if someone is out/etc.

We try to be as fair as possible with shift patterns. For example, we try to give an afternoon shift after a day off so as to make it day and a half off.

We want you to enjoy yourselves while you are here, whether at work, or play! And most of the time… both!

Getting to know the guests during the day also brings a vibe to the show that is essential to creating the atmosphere at night for the shows, and gives it that personal touch. 

As stated above, the role itself will include daytime duties like almost all other hotels. However, it is in the performances/shows Entertainment truly stands on its own from any other company in Cyprus.

All shows are performed in a state of the art Arena, with a full live band and other additions such as a Brass Section, Acrobats and Magicians, etc. depending on the show. And are fully scored, scripted and choreographed to the highest standard.


Sound Engineer/DJ Light & Sound


    Operate the shows and pre shows starting at 19:30-22:45 and be there till closing which is 23:30. Placing the microphones on the entertainers and sound check them. In order to be able to operate the shows the engineer needs to be trainedOur shows are all script based which it means there are specific ques to follow. In order to learn that they must present at the training course.  

·        Move the equipment based on the shows. Shows that are concert like the equipment are moved in the middle of the stage. Other than the physical moving they need to connected in a different input on the stage which means the setup is different and sound check needs to be performed. This procedure takes around one and a half to two hours.

·        Setting up and sound checking the outside acts at 19:00 and collecting after closing at 23:00. Whole procedure is half an hour.

·        Maintaining microphones. Headset microphones need daily maintenance and cleaning in order to stay in top form and last as long as possible. Depending in the condition it takes 45 minutes to an hour

·        Every day operation and helping other departments like the wedding ceremonies, bars, restaurants and anywhere that uses sound equipment.



Qualifications for the position

·        Expert knowledge in Sound Engineering

·        Good knowledge in Qlab. X32 Theater Control

·        Good knowledge in wireless systems

·        Basic knowledge of GrandMA2 lighting system

·        Minimum 3-5 years of experience

Hourly program 

·        16:00-17:00 Microphone maintenance 

·        17:00-19:00 Moving the stage if needed 

·        19:00-19:15 Set up outside acts equipment 

·        19:00-23:00 Xperience Arena 

·        23:00-23:15 Pack outside acts equipment 

·        23:15-23:30 Closing down the Xperience Arena


Kids Entertainers 


Kids club Job Details.

A basic breakdown of what we do in our Little Monsters Kids Club can be seen below:

Operating Hours of our Kids Club/Crèche are 10:00 – 19:00 (Crèche closed on Sundays), Mini Disco in the Xperience Arena 20:00 -20:45 and Movie Night in the Kids Club from 21:00 – 23:00.

Combining daytime fun with evening entertainment, the Little Monsters programme has been professionally designed by our expert practitioners for children between 3 and 12 years, to make every day a new adventure. Safety is prioritised, and parents are given a handy pager to ensure total peace of mind.

Young ones are dropped off at the Little Monsters Kids Club, and they’ll soon be saving the earth as detectives on superhero days, embarking on wild adventures on a pirate day, and running amok on sports days. There are also board games, party games, films, and child-suitable computer games for them to enjoy

Duties include:

  • Overseeing of signing in and out of children and allocation to the parent of the appropriate forms and pagers. 
  • Separate daily Entertainment programs for Kids Club and Crèche. 
  • Ensuring the enjoyment and safety of children in our care at all times.
  • Setting up and running of themed daytime activities and games, both inside and outside of the Kids Club. 
  • Becoming one of our Safari Stars Mascots, each with their own themes song and dance routine. 
  • Joining in with our nightly Mini Disco and running themed movie nights in the Kids Club.

The point of our Kids Club is for all children in our care to have a fun, learning experience. And the same goes for our Kids Club Team Members!